Dough improvers

Dumplings dough improver Bonnfarin

complex food supplement that improves dumplings dough
Bonnfarin for dumplings is a flour improver, a highly functional mixed product based on various types of flour, emulsifiers, amino acids and acidity regulators for dumplings, gyoza, khinkals, manti.


  • several types of dumplings dough are available
  • increases the elasticity of the dough, prevents cracking and increases strength during freezing and storage
  • increases the stability of the shape after cooking and improves its consistency
  • makes it possible to get thin dough on the equipment and products with a high stuffing filling
  • provides a smooth surface for semi-finished and finished products
  • allows to reduce the egg usage products in the batch, or to exclude them
  • increases the water absorption capacity of the dough (by 2-5%, depending on the formulation used)
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