Emulsifiers and stabilizers

Gelekon 300M MF Beef, Gelekon 600M, Gelekon 650M Beef

complex food supplements based on animal proteins, plant proteins, fibers, polysaccharides and hydrocolloids
Emulsifiers-stabilizers designed to stabilize food emulsion systems with high fat content, for preparation of fat and protein-fat emulsions from various types of fatty raw materials, animal fats and vegetable oils.
  • used in the emulsions production from any types of fatty raw materials, regardless of the melting point
  • stabilize minced meat systems, improve the plasticity of minced meat, reduce losses during heat treatment and storage, increase the stability of products in the freeze-thaw cycle
  • protein content – min. 31% (Gelekon 300M MF Beef), min. 60% (Gelekon 600M), min. 65% (Gelekon 650M Beef)
  • moisture binding capacity – 1:10
  • fat emulsifying ability – 1:10:10
  • Gelekon 300 M Beef and Gelekon 650 M Beef are halal certified
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