Animal proteins


bowine collagen protein
Protomax-A is a 100% native beef collagen protein which contains fractions of beef connective tissue proteins with different fiber lengths and different functionalities making it possible to create beef collagen protein with universal application.

Three fractions are available: Protomax-A DV (long fiber), Protomax-A SV (medium fiber), Protomax-A MV (fine fiber):

Protomax-A DV (long-fiber fraction) is used in the production of granules, pre-salting of raw meat, enriching products with proteins.

  • increases moisture binding in fatty minced meat, a fibrous product that improves functional performance
  • moisture-binding capacity 1:8
  • granule-forming ability 1:6-7
  • fat-emulsifying ability 1:12:12

Protomax-A SV (medium fiber) is excellent for use in gels forming, in the production of sausages (boiled, semi-smoked, boiled-smoked, ham), can be used dry with or without hydration depending on the recipe.

  • easy to use in minced meat
  • better hydrated and distributed evenly throughout the volume of raw meat
  • does not clump during stirring
  • high emulsifying properties
  • moisture-binding capacity 1:10
  • granule-forming ability 1:9-10
  • fat-emulsifying ability 1:12:12

Protomax-A MV has a finely dispersed structure that allows it to be successfully used in the preparation of brines for injection, does not clog the injector needles.

  • increases yield and juiciness
  • reduced syneresis when evacuating portioned pieces
  • moisture-binding capacity 1:12
  • granule-forming ability 1:10
  • fat-emulsifying ability 1:12:12
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