Animal proteins

Protomax V EM/R1, R2, IN/R3

compositions based on purified albumin proteins
Protomax V is a complex of animal products (food albumin and collagen-type proteins) intended for use as a partial replacement of the main protein raw material and a structure emulsifier-stabilizer.
  • in terms of composition, properties and functionality, Protomaxes-V correspond to blood plasma light albumin, in terms of organoleptic characteristics, allow a double increase in usage and are more effective
  • intended for all types of sausages, whole-muscle gourmet products, natural and minced semi-finished products
  • protein content not less than 70%
  • Protomax V EM (emulsion) R1 – without dye, R2 – with dye
  • Protomax V IN (injection) P3 – without dye
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