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Our 15th anniversary!

9 july 2020

This year we celebrate our 15th anniversary!

We are no longer teenagers, we became a large well-known company with our own expertise, extensive experience, several production lines, equipped laboratory, a huge assortment and a big team of professional.

We are always aiming high, constantly self-developing and making important connections. We obtain new clients, partners, patents for new developments. We are being invited to share our expertise on events that we used to simply visit. We teach specialists and clients all over Russia and abroad. We are work hard and invent environmentally friendly & green technologies to provide people and animals with healthy, high-quality ingredients.

Today we have only one birthday wish: never stop.
Due the pandemic, we decided to be conscious and responsible, so we moved the celebration to the fall. But we want to say: so many great and interesting things are ahead of us. In honor of the anniversary, we will hold an annual meeting of our distributors and organize our own conference to which we invite everyone who is passionate about the field of nutrition and new technologies.

Be healthy! See you soon.

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