About us

By 2022, the company's total production capacity constitutes 50,000 tons of ingredients per year.

Our factory is equipped with advanced, high-tech and highly automated equipment of domestic and foreign production. At our plant, we introduce new technological principles of raw materials processing, which allow us to produce ingredients unique not only for the local market, but also for the foreign markets.

Our production lines are an absolute novelty in the history of vegetable raw materials processing in Russia, since the technology does not require any waste treatment facilities, while obtained proteins and starches have improved features and functionality that are so necessary in the food industry.

Expanding its production facilities, Partner-M is also actively developing new directions for itself — vegan ready-made products for the B2C market and feed ingredients for productive and domestic animals.

Partner-M's production processes are focused on green technologies that ensure compliance with the principles of conscious attitude towards nature, environment and our consumers.

Production facility team

Nikolay Pasikuta
Production facility director
Andrey Ivashurov
Head of quality department

Oksana Ageeva
Chief production facility technologist
Nikolay Kokunov
Head of laboratory
Tatiana Kuzenkova
Chief meat & fish technologist
Natalia Mordaeva
Bread & confectionary technologist
Natalia Kornilova
Leading sales manager
Alexander Mkhchiyan
Leading sales manager
Tatiana Krasnyanskaya
Bakery&confectionary industries manager-technologist
Elena Klimovitskaya
Leading sales manager
Sergey Serov
Sales manager
Vadim Kruglov
Regional sales manager
Oxana Mikheeva
Meat & fish industry technologist