Ingredients for food and feed industries


Delivery in Russia and the CIS
well-developed distribution chain allows us to deliver products in perfect condition and fast
Up-to-date equipment
our production lines are an absolute novelty in the history of vegetable raw materials processing in Russia
Effective solutions
develop and implement the most price-competitive formulation
Experience and knowledge
our employees are high quality professionals of food and feed industries
High quality
quality department and our own laboratory ensure production of ingredients that meet the most stringent requirements
Everything is possible
we will adapt product characteristics in accordance with your needs
50 000 ton
food & feed ingredients per year
22000 ISO
Food Safety Management System
was founded in

We help

Optimize your production and reduce costs by using our ingredients
Our specialist-technologist will come to production, scrutinize the problem and offer a solution
Buy everything in one place
offer comprehensive and package solutions for your business
develop ingredients specifically for you
customize ingredient for your needs or develop a completely new one