Ingredients for the food and feed industries



Delivery within Russia and the CIS
A well-developed distribution network allows you to deliver products as soon as possible
Modern equipment
The best foreign and Russian machine tools for creating any ingredients
We will reduce your cost
We will make it so that you can put the price on the shelf cheaper than competitors
Experience, knowledge
Our specialists - doctors and candidates of science, daily improve products and help customers in production
High quality
due to good raw materials and modern equipment, technologies that are invented in the R&D department
We can do everything
We will change the characteristics of the product to suit your needs
100 000 tons
food & feed ingredients per year
22000 ISO
Food Safety Management System
was founded in

Types of Food and Feed Ingredients

All sub-sectors


Optimize your production with our ingredients
Our technologist will come to production, study the problem and offer a solution
Buy everything in one place
Sells animal proteins, soy fiber from China and wheat fiber from St. Petersburg
Develop an ingredient specifically for your production and product
Design product development on demand

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