complex food supplement

Complex food additive without E-indexes for boiled sausages Newmill Base ZM

complex food supplement based on milk processing products and animal proteins
Newmill Base ZM is a complex of high-quality milk processing products and animal proteins with good emulsifying and moisture- binding capacity, high content of complete protein, pronounced structuring ability, taste and smell of natural dairy products
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  • emulsifying ability 1 3:3
  • moisture binding capacity 1:3
  • improved consistency – rather dense cut gel (with hydration in a ratio of 1: 3)
  • used as a replacement for dry whole and dry degreaser
  • fresh milk
  • without E-indices
  • protein content min. 17%


  • boiled sausages, sausages, small sausages, meat loaves;
  • semi-smoked and cooked smoked sausages;
  • pates and liverwurst sausages.
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