complex food additives

Gelekon 35M

Complex food additive for meat products
Gelekon 35M is a complex food additive with high moisture-binding and emulsifying properties.
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  • designed for use in the production of emulsified, restructured and coarsely ground meat products
  • recommended as an emulsifier and stabilizer for meat systems, fat, milk and cream emulsions
  • helps to reduce the risk of formation of bouillon-fatty edema,
  • thickens the consistency of products
  • gives sausages improved organoleptic characteristics
  • used in dry form or as part of milk, cream or fat emulsions


  • boiled sausages, sausages, sausages
  • semi-smoked and boiled-smoked sausages
  • chopped semi-finished products (dumplings, meatballs, hamburgers, minced meat, etc.)
  • restructured foods (hams)
  • pâtés
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