Textured flour

Wheat textured flour Protex-A 10/2B

wheat textured flour with dough plasticizer properties and increased moisture-binding ability
Protex-A 10/2B is a wheat texturate, a functional ingredient with the cold-swelling ability that is used in wheat and rye-wheat breads, various bakery products, and also as a component of streusel crumbs.


  • due to its high moisture-binding ability (1:4), it is used in multifunctional mixtures for confectionery products (including semi-finished ones)
  • increases the yield of finished products due to enhanced moisture-binding ability
  • maintains functionality at high temperatures
  • when used in streusel crumbs, retains a crispy effect for several days (depending on storage and packaging conditions)
  • creates the effect of a higher product compared to the control sample
  • reduces crumbling of bakery products
  • creates uniform porosity
  • allows to create products with light crumb rubber
  • the presence of larger fractions in heat-treated cold-swelling flour increases its water absorption capacity, thereby increases the yield of finished products
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