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Textured flour

Wheat textured flour Protex-M 10/4 TR3

wheat textured flour that shortens the bread making process
Protex-A 10/4 is a textured wheat flour that allows to avoid fermentation of sourdough and bread starter, thereby significantly reducing the time for making bread.
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  • reduction of the technological process by 2.5 hours on rye bread and by 1.5 hours on wheat
  • no fermentation and proofing required to develop porosity due to gas bubbles
  • no molds required — dimensional stability
  • possibility of obtaining volumetric-structured raw materials from flour of any baking quality without losing the properties of the carcass and the “source” of pores
  • yield increase
  • elimination of crumb loss in cut products
  • possibility of obtaining a volumetric-structured product from any raw material (vegetable protein, whole grain flour, with additives, …)
  • due to more complete gelatinization of starch and protein denaturation — better attack by enzymes
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