Textured concentrates

High-fibrous wheat Protelon 65/33 & Protelon 65/C0/33

Protelon 65/33 is wheat texturate with protein content of 65%. Due to its special form, flakes, it perfectly integrates into meat products imitating muscle tissue structure.
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  • high protein content of at leat 65% allows the use of the ingredients without reducing the amount of protein in the finished product
  • has the form of small flakes of a fibrous structure ranging in size from 1 to 6 mm
  • hydration 1:2, hydration time 10 mins
  • due to the shape of small flakes, it does not require grinding, it is ideally integrated into the finished product and is not visible in the cut
  • has a dense fibrous structure that mimics the structure of muscle tissue
  • product positioning “no soy”
  • made from Russian wheat, non-GMO
  • Protelon 65/C0/33 is lightened version of texturate which is perfectly integrated in poultry and fish products due to its light color


Minced meat, minced semi-finished products (burger patties, meatballs, nuggets), plant-based meat/fish/poultry alternatives

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