Vegetable fibers

Soy fiber Protocell

soy dietary fiber
Protocell is a protopectin-type soybean fiber that is high in fiber.
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  • has a water-holding capacity of 1: 10-14 and a fat-emulsifying capacity of 1: 8: 2-3
  • has a neutral taste and odor (there is practically no smell inherent in soy products and other types of fiber)
  • reduces the calorie content of foods
  • improves the structure and prevents moisture separation during storage time
  • has a granulometry optimal for use in the food industry and dissolves easily
  • provides stability during heat treatment, in the cycle of freezing-defrosting and during storage of finished products
  • increases the shelf life of the finished product due to good binding and distribution of fat and free moisture in the product throughout the volume in the structure of the product, which is a medium for the development of microorganisms
  • the most inexpensive type of fiber, reduces the cost of the recipe, replaces starches
  • enriches food with dietary fiber and vegetable protein


  • as an emulsifier in fruit, berry and fat fillings
  • as a filling stabilizer in wafer products
  • meat and fish minced semi-finished products
  • boiled sausages, sausages, small sausages
  • pork fat
  • semi-smoked sausages
  • pates, liverwurst sausages
  • dumplings
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