Wheat starch Amilon Super

wheat starch with increased functionality (bakery)
Amilon starch is a natural wheat starch with improved functionality over traditional starches
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  • does not have an E-index, it is marked on the label as “wheat flour” / “wheat starch”
  • makes it easier to work with shortbread dough, increasing its plasticity and improving the structure of the final product
  • in biscuit rolls gives a significant increase in volume, preserving the fine-pored structure of the product, increases the shelf life of the biscuit roll and improves the taste, increases the output of finished products, reduces crumbling when cutting
  • in sugar biscuits it allows to create a layered structure and gives crispness to the biscuit, creates a beautiful and clear pattern on the surface, allows to achieve slow wetting, reduces biscuit brittleness
  • recommended for introduction into children’s cookies by the Scientific Research Institute of KP, as it allows to achieve slow wetting
  • allows to increase friability while maintaining the structure of the liver, reducing the use of fat
  • reduces the brittleness of biscuits and waffle sheets, reducing losses
  • when used, there is an increase in the freshness of products on average for 2 days even without the use of enzymes
  • higher water-holding capacity and lower slope resistance to retrogradation improve the quality characteristics of products and ensure their stability during the shelf life of products, as well as slow down the processes of staling


It does not require a change in technology and is easily integrated into existing recipes. Up to 10% by weight of flour or according to the recipe of products:

  • bakery products
  • flour confectionery products (biscuits, including baby biscuits, waffles, biscuits) 
  • recommended for use in children’s biscuits of the Research and Development Center of Bakery Product Manufacturing Industry
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