Wheat starch Amilon Super

classified wheat starch
Amilon is a wheat starch obtained by unique technology of classification that preserves native components' state and increases product's functionality in comparison with traditional wheat starch.


  • in comparison with traditional starches, Amilon is has higher functional, due to which it lowers production costs by reducing thermal losses and increasing the yield of finished products
  • the content of the protein fraction provides a significant reduction of starch stratification
  • higher water-holding capacity and lesser tendency to retrogradation improve the quality characteristics of products and ensure their stability during the shelf life of products, also slowing down the processes of staling in bakery and floury confectionery products
  • fine grinding – 90% no more than 400 mesh
  • mass fraction of starch, per a. from. in. %, not less than 85.0
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