Gluten alternative Protelon 22

high protein wheat flour - a beneficial substitution for gluten
Protelon 22 is a high-protein, high-quality wheat flour acting as a cost-effective alternative to wheat gluten or devitalized wheat gluten.
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  • high-protein (22%) fraction of wheat flour with a gluten level of 55% and its 1st group quality, together with a low moisture content (8%)
  • increases the output of finished products by 1-3% due to the addition of an extra amount of dry product (we use 2.0 kg instead of 1.0 kg) and an increase of water for mixing
  • improves the organoleptic characteristics of the finished product, without the use of artificial components, giving it a more pronounced bakery taste
  • stabilizes the quality of flour with low gluten, increases the volume of products, improves the gas-holding capacity of the dough
  • easy to use (stirring), perfectly integrates into flour, easily interferes with the dough, and does not add gray streaks visible on the cut, as when using gluten alone
  • brightens the crumb of the finished product by 1-2 tones (on products made from wheat flour)
  • increases the freshness time (an increase from 5 to 7 days)
  • made from Russian wheat, non-GMO
  • has no E-index, “clean label”
  • efficiency is confirmed, the product is recommended for implementation by the Research and Development Center of Bakery Product Manufacturing Industry (Russia)


Up to 10% replacement of flour in the recipe or as a content corrector of the quantity and quality of gluten – based on the results of product testing:

  • mixed rye breads, breads with the addition of whole-grain flour or flour with high fiber content, national breads, and pastries
  • puff pastry and dough for cook-chill food
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