Textured flour

Wheat TVP Protex-A 10/4 TR1, TR2

wheat textured flour
Protex-A 10/4 TR1, TR2 is a textured wheat flour, an alternative to soy texturates, that partially supplements main protein raw material in meat/fish/poultry products or completely replaces it in vegan products.


  •  alternative to soy texturate for soy-free products
  • fits perfectly into semi-finished poultry and fish products due to the light color
  • thickens the structure of products
  • made from Russian non-GMO wheat
  • various colors (TR1 — beige, TR2 — grey) and granulometry are available 1-4mm, 3-5mm
  • protein content — 10%
  • hydration degree — 1:3 – 4
  • hydration rate — 20-40 min (t= +2-4°С)


  • chilled and frozen semi-finished products (nuggets, patties, fish sticks)
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