High-fibrous texturates

High-fibrous TVPProtex-M 50 F20-20

soy textured concentrate with high-fibrous structure and protein content 50%
Textured high-fibrous concentrate Protex-M is a vegetable textured protein that imitates muscle tissue.
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  • high-fibrous structure identical to the real muscle fibers
  • red color round-shaped chunks up to 20mm
  • protein content no less than 50%
  • produced from Russian non-GMO soy
  • wide application: in meat and fish industry — partial replacement of raw materials of animal origin, in vegan food — full replacement of meat/poultry/fish compatible by organoleptic characteristics to the animal raw materials
  • hydration degree — 1:2
  • hydration rate — 15-20 minutes in cold water

For vegan industry/plant-based meat alternatives this product is being sold by our partners Greenwise.

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